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Rikki Day

Instant - Gold leaf on Japanese Awagami Washi paper.

Instant - Gold leaf on Japanese Awagami Washi paper.

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"Instant" is about meeting someone, be it a friend or a lover and feeling an instant connection, a knowingness of the other and a sense of being fully seen. A beautiful moment we share 

The Significance of the Alchemy Series.

Instant, forms part of Rikki's series Alchemy. In a fast season of life, Rikki's quest for peace became a priority and she felt an intense need to slow, pause and recalibrate.

During the creation of the series, a memory of one of Rikki's most peaceful moments was regularly flooding back to her. 2007,  as an exchange student in Japan, sitting on the banks of a perfectly still lake surrounded by mountains. That moment although 14 years ago, was unforgettably grounded, an awe filled moment of pure presence. Rikki's series is a creative documentation of her transition to integrating more of that feeling back into her every day. Heavily inspired by tranquility, quality, peacefulness and Japanese culture, this series has a presence of its own. 


The process.

Gold leaf over continuous line work painting on traditional Japanese paper ( Washi )

Rikki first draws her continuous line piece lightly upon the washi paper. She then hand paints a seize over her line work to create an adhesive foundation for the gold. She then lays fine sheets of gold leaf over the painted areas allowing the seize to cure to the gold. The excess gold is gently brushed away to reveal a gold line-work piece.

The Washi paper used is hand pressed in Japan by the renowned Fujimori family, known for decades as the masters in their field.  Minoru Fujimori was honoured as Master Craftsman and awarded the ‘Sixth Class Order of Merit, Sacred Treasure’ by the Emperor. Currently his son, Yoichi and family continue the paper-making tradition as their ancestors did before them. The paper itself is art.




Dimensions: Framed 500mm X 590mm || Unframed 430mm X 520mm.

Available framed or unframed. Please select your preferred option.

If framing is selected your artwork will be professionally float framed in Tasmanian Oak with gallery grade acrylic glass.

Alternative framing colour requests can be accommodated. If you would like to have your piece framed in a white, black or darker timber rather than the Tasmanian Oak please do not hesitate to email your request after purchase to 

Delivery + lead times:

Complimentary shipping Australia wide. Flat rate global shipping of $50.

International delivery is for unframed pieces only to ensure safe arrival.

Rikki is more than happy to help with any framing questions or advice if purchasing unframed so please do not hesitate to reach out via email. 

If purchasing a framed piece please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to be carefully hand framed and dispatched. Alternatively if purchasing an unframed artwork, your piece will be ready to be sent out to you right away. 



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