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Rikki Day

Homage to The Ocean - Acrylic on canvas. Framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Homage to The Ocean - Acrylic on canvas. Framed in Tasmanian Oak.

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"Homage to the Ocean" - Original Acrylic on canvas.

An expression of gratitude to the ocean and all it has given me.

*Scroll down for more imagery. 

The story:

I’ve fallen in love with this piece instantly. It was painted from a space of deep gratitude for the ocean and all it’s given me. I’ve always found so much healing from the sea, and over the past two years especially so has my husband. We had a challenging journey adjusting into parenthood. Who knew such an enormous amount of love and devotion could also be so damn hard. To clear his mind and find his peace again my husband went underwater. We bought a boat and he began spear fishing. He found his bliss here, a place truly away from it all, completely foreign with endless exploration. A place he connected with on a primal sense, to hunt and gather and provide fresh food for us and meditation for him. His whole being came back home it seemed. Such a peaceful and beautiful man and I’m so grateful the ocean helped him find his way back to himself, just as it has done for me my entire life.
So this piece, a homage to the ocean I guess my way of expressing gratitude on canvas, for the ocean and the millions of ways it has healed me over my life. 

Framing and dimensions.

110cm X 120cm ( framed dimensions)

Aussie buyers - This piece comes framed and ready to hang - please read below. :) 

International buyers - This piece comes unframed, please read below.

If you are an AUSTRALIAN buyer, your artwork will be professionally stretched and framed in Tasmanian Oak. The price of your piece INCLUDES framing and shipping to your home. No more to pay and a ready to hang piece arriving to your door. 

A recent piece I had created for Fenton and Fenton, Melbourne was framed in the same technique and I have added a photograph on this page for an example of the framing style for your reference. 

I have also included stylised mock ups of this piece "in situ" to show an example of how this piece could be styled in the home. Please note these are close but not exact proportions and I suggest always double checking the measurements in your own home with a tape measure to ensure accurate size expectations.  

International buyers To ensure safe international arrival, your piece will be sent as an unframed rolled canvas. Please email me prior to purchase and I can arrange a lowered price for you as  you will need to have it framed locally once it arrives. I can of course help with any framing enquiries or direction you may like in regards to having it framed so please don't hesitate to reach out. :) 

This piece is one of my favourites to date and I very much look forward to seeing who this very special one finds a home with, a fellow ocean lover I'm sure. 

If you need any further information in regards to this piece please shoot me an email to I'm always here and happy to help. 

warmest Rikki Day. 

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