"Call me on my shell phone" - Original Acrylic on 300gsm Cold Pressed Paper, Framed in Tasmanian Oak. 530mm x 715mm

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The story:

"Call me on my shell phone"

This piece is about connection, we, throughout 2020, more than ever called and connected virtually with the people we loved. We revisited the art of checking in on our friends. I think before this year, that was something that was, for me at least, becoming less frequent. The demands of daily life were getting in the way of a simple phone call, yet throughout 2020 the physical separation left me wanting to touch base with my family and friends more and so it invoked that very small but special act of a simple phone call to check in, to ask how are you? 

I think even though a lot of us were physically distant this year, emotionally we were more connected and open than ever. This piece was my reminder to myself to always prioritise the time to ask, how are you? The blue tones in this piece and the addition of the shells and underwater elements was my way of acknowledging that we are all part of a global community, more connected than we think & all bound together by the oceans + seas.

Hand painted original, acrylic on 300gsm, deckle edge, Cold Pressed Paper.

Float framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Dimensions: 710mm x 900mm

All pieces come with a signed authenticity certificate of originality. 

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