" Self Care" - Original Acrylic on 300gsm Cold Pressed Paper, Framed in Tasmanian Oak. 710mm x 900mm

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The story:

"Self Care"

2020 saw a steep rise for the need to practice self care. There were more skin routine tutorials gracing my social media accounts than I care to remember. I think in an attempt to feel at ease or luxurious we all got drawn into the idea that we must commit to following a daily 85 step, skin care regimen or something similarly extravagant. This piece was a note to myself about remembering that self care is unique. For it to be effective, we have to actually “care” about ourselves. So of course if that is your thing then by all means lather yourself in an 18k gold serum, however if your self care routine is sitting quietly, alone with a cup of tea or even just having a hot shower then that is enough. You are enough. Personally my daily self care is simply looking out at the ocean which is represented in this piece through the blue tones and oceanic lines. This piece is about putting on earrings to clean the house. It's about acts of self care that are personal to us and help us feel cared for regardless of whether social media sees it or not.


Hand painted original, acrylic on 300gsm, deckle edge, Cold Pressed Paper.

Float framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Dimensions: 710mm x 900mm

All pieces come with a signed authenticity certificate of originality. 

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