"Salt & Sangria" - Original Acrylic on 300gsm Cold Pressed Paper, Framed in Tasmanian Oak. 520mm x 450mm

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The story:

"Salt & Sangria"

Salt and Sangria is a piece created in gratitude of multicultural integration. We are so blessed to have lived in a world where travel has been easy and we have had the opportunity o learn from each others cultures and enjoy delicacies from around the globe. Salt and Sangria takes me back to cocktails on the beach in Mexico & being taught how to make authentic guacamole. A simple experience that held so much joy. 

Hand painted original, acrylic on 300gsm, deckle edge, Cold Pressed Paper.

Float framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Dimensions: 520mm x 450mm

All pieces come with a signed authenticity certificate of originality. 

Price inclusive of freight Australia wide.

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