How to choose art that suits you?

How to choose art that suits you?

We've all been there before we acquire a piece of art, we love it for a few years and then our "style" has changed so we toss it in the donation pile during a spring clean and move on.

But have you ever been to someone's house who has an incredible art collection? It's often an eccentric and varying collection of different styles, colour palettes  & artists and somehow, it all works together brilliantly. The one thing all of these art collectors will have in common is their stories. Where it came from, who painted it, how it makes them feel...

You see...there is an art to collecting art and it begins with asking the right questions.

When you see an artwork that you instantly think "ahh I Love that", pause for a minute and ask yourself  WHY? Does this inspire me? Does it motivate me? Does it remind me of something or someone? What is the deeper emotion that I feel when I look at it? Do I feel calm? Energised? At ease? Stylish? Excited?

Do you love travelling? Do the colours in the artwork transport you back to a place you've once been and re-invoke that feeling of gratitude, awe and freedom you had when you were there? Does it inspire you to travel again someday? Or, do you want to buy it because you're on holiday and want something to take home with you as a memoir?

Maybe you're a mother, does the female figure in the artwork remind you of the strength we women find in ourselves in those early days of raising our families?

Does the abstract face in the image remind you that its beautiful to be yourself. It might remind you to feel proud of who you are and what you're doing on this planet.

Do you see where I'm going with this? To collect art that you will truly love for years to come find out your WHY, become aware of how it makes you feel and establish your sentimental connection with it. When you find an artwork that lights your soul up this way then buy the darn thing with confidence knowing it suits YOU and it will be with you, adding to your life for years to come.

Much love - Rikki Day.

Image via - pinterest.

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